Property management is key to preserving and enhancing the value of investment real estate. A capable management team can increase tenant satisfaction, thereby reducing turnover, increasing referrals, and enhancing occupancy rates. The strategic management of expenses and operations adds additional benefit. Even the most desirable properties, regardless of tenancy, cannot achieve optimal yields without excellence in management.

As a developer/owner Denny Cherette committed significant resources to building a management organization that would uphold the significant investment made by him and his investors. Having an owner’s perspective is critical to understanding best practices for property management.

In 1993, Denny co-founded IPA Management and was its president and┬ápartner until early 2012. During that time, he guided the firm to a┬ámarket-leading position in both West Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona. On three occasions during Cherette’s tenure, IPA Management was named Management Company of the Year by the Property Management Association of Michigan.

Cherette Group believes in a proven set of principles. The management team is encouraged to provide services to residents or commercial tenants in a timely manner and in a way that exceeds their expectations. Grounds and common areas are impeccably maintained to instill a sense of pride and ownership. In multifamily communities, staff interaction and community social events create a welcoming atmosphere where all truly feel at home.