Well executed developments yield significant returns for investors while also bringing considerable capital investment, services, employment centers, and tax revenue to the surrounding community. Denny Cherette has had a substantial ownership stake in nearly every development project he has undertaken.  He is committed to constructing projects that set a new standard for quality in the market while enhancing the lives of the people who live and work there.

Real estate development is a complex process with many variables. In order to assure the greatest opportunity for success, an experienced team of professionals must work together to meet the unique requirements of each project. At the center of this process is the developer/owner or fee-based development coordinator. Much like the hub of a wheel with each spoke representing a separate discipline, the developer must have knowledge of the entire development process and be able to guide each discipline in harmony with all of the others.

Cherette Group coordinates all aspects of the process including market studies, financial analysis, land acquisition, financing, governmental and environmental approvals, construction contract negotiation, architectural design, site design, construction oversight, leasing, ongoing property management, and ultimate disposition.

Select development projects have included Class A apartment communities (up to 420 units), multi-tenant ambulatory medical centers, senior care facilities, and many banks and professional office buildings.