Cherette Group has experience transacting millions of square feet in investment real estate, including large multifamily apartment communities, large industrial facilities, retail centers, medical facilities, and banks.

Extensive or mixed-use portfolios, off-balance sheet transactions, construction and lease-back scenarios, and other complex transactions are a specialty of Cherette Group. The team is known for its ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to achieve challenging outcomes.

Cherette Group has represented national and international corporations, family offices, venture capital firms, individual investors, and partnerships. As a developer Cherette Group brings a unique understanding of the complicated issues that may arise in the acquisition or sale process. Matters related to title, zoning, environmental concerns, and financing complications can be handled by Cherette Group, which benefits both buyers and sellers represented by the company.

Cherette Group believes that the greatest opportunity to assure success in a real estate transaction is at the time of acquisition. Accordingly, the firm brings a comprehensive approach to the acquisition process, including all aspects of legal and physical due diligence, financial analysis, financing, and title issues. This additional level of experience is a differentiator that yields direct benefits to investors and clients.